What makes Have You Tried This? marketing guidance unique is that we provide an analysis of a business brand-identity and past marketing strategies without a physical meeting. For us to give you valuable guidance regarding your brand, target group segmentation and visibility do we need to know more about you!

In this questionnaire are we asking you about who you are, what business you might have, your industry and how you are promoting yourself on your webpage and potential social media-platforms.

For us to a better analysis of your previous marketing endeavors, we are giving you an option to submit examples of what you have previously done in terms of marketing and what differs you to your competitors.


How it's done

Based on the information you submit will a marketer from Have You Tried This? analyze the material we have gotten of your previous marketing endeavors. We are also going to hand you constructive criticism and advise on how you can further work to achieve your marketing goals. Remember that our guidance is constructed through our idea of what we believe is ”good marketing”.


Resurs 3

We are sending you a marketing-analysis together with an Invoice with a 15 days notice within 42 hours after you have submitted your responses. Marketing Guidance is a one costs of 800 kr (excluding moms).

If you have any questions regarding our marketing guidance, please contact us on for us to help you.